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A Sisterhood Program: Sacred Sizzle

Rabbi Jessica Kessler Marshall passionately leads women’s circles and retreats across the United States.  Elevating participants into deeper soul-alignment and JOY, womxn from all spiritual backgrounds honor abundance and ease to magnetize their dreams!  Offering creative rituals, intentional reflection, mindfulness, and the wisdom of the natural world, Rabbi Marshall guides with humor, Divine presence, authenticity and overflowing compassion.  Her podcast Sacred Stories, explores how in other’s stories we hear our own and shape our lives anew.

For information on Rabbi Jessica Marshall, please click here.  


Join guest Rabbi Jessica Kessler Marshall for Sacred Sizzle, a 4-month virtual women’s program! 2020 called each of us to recreate reality and live our values with renewed integrity.  Sacred Sizzle offers participants a loving and inspiring community to magnetize dreams, elevate Spirit, and captivate JOY! Guiding women into deeper soul connection, Rabbi Marshall provides creative rituals, intentional reflection, mindfulness, and thoughtful sharing to explore themes of Sacred Identity, Sacred Divine Connection, Sacred Forgiveness, and Sacred JOY!
Rabbi Marshall guides with humor, Divine presence, authenticity and overflowing compassion.  She looks forward to sharing the magic of sisterhood as we honor soul-aligned living!
 To RSVP for this program, please click HERE.  The program has been subsided, and there is no cost to attend, however, we are asking for a gift of tzedkah to support Sisterhood's charities. 
January 20, 2021:  Sacred Identity
2020 has been a year of recreating reality.  We have each been called into our deepest values in new ways.  Together we will explore how our values have evolved over our life stages.  With sacred intentionality, we will create a values manifesto for the coming year! 
February 17, 2021:  Sacred Divine Connection
Deepening our own understanding of the Mystery/Oneness/Spirit, we explore the Divine as sustaining nourishment.  How can our Divine connection both ground and inspire us?  Together, we will connect to the Divine in authentic and inspiring new ways.
March 17, 2021:  Sacred Forgiveness 
In Judaism, the act of forgiveness is called teshuvah, looking inward and returning to our truest self.  Forgiveness invites us to release the anger, spite, & hurt feelings that keep us from enjoying all the sweetness life wants to offer us.  As we accept this power within us, it propels us forward!  Exploring limiting stories and personal introspection, we connect with forgiveness in new ways.
April 21, 2021:  Sacred JOY!
The French philosopher and scientist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said, “Joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God.”  Joy does not deny or avoid life’s pain and sorrow. Instead, it wraps its arms around the full spectrum of our human experience and exclaims, “I am going to elevate joy SO much while I have it!”  Together, we will explore JOY and playfulness as a path of Divine connection.


Tue, April 13 2021 1 Iyar 5781