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Kehillat Chesed

Kehillat is the Hebrew word for Community or Congregation. Chesed is the Hebrew word for Kindness; however, it is kindness that goes beyond established boundaries.

What is the Purpose of TBT’s Kehillat Chesed?

The Kehillat Chesed committee offers the individual members of Temple Beth Tikvah the opportunity to redefine their synagogue culture as a loving community that sustains and provides support, solace and hope to congregants and their families during times of illness, suffering, loss and grief. At the same time, the community reaches out to congregants and their families during joyous times such as births(including adoptions), engagements, and marriages. In good times or bad, the Kehillat Chesed Committee will be there for our TBT family…WE CARE!

How can I help?

Volunteers are welcome and have the opportunity to make a big contribution with limited time constraints. Volunteers take a two week call period, one to two times per year, to reach out to congregants when life cycle events occur. Calls can be made at your convenience. We also appreciate volunteers who are willing to visit sick or recovering congregants. Our committee also maintains a data base of volunteers to prepare meals when requested.

Who do I contact?

Contact the committee chair, Leslie Swichkow, at 770-973-0062 or by email at You may also leave a message with the office staff at Temple Beth Tikvah 770-642-0434.

Wed, March 22 2023 29 Adar 5783