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Preschool Programs

Our programs are filled with many hands on experiences that encourage and respect a child’s individual learning style.  Children are valued and respected in a warm, nurturing environment.  Our program encompasses all aspects of a child’s developmental growth.

Summer Camp 

For children ages 18 months to 5 years

Tikvah Tots

A Program for Caregivers and Children Ages 9-24 Months

The Temple Beth Tikvah Preschool provides young children with a nurturing and safe environment in which to explore and caregivers with a supportive community in which to share questions, concerns, and the joys and changes that parenthood brings, as well as to learn about child development. Join us for a series of innovative classes that allow caregivers and tots to learn together. Children will be introduced to blocks, puzzles, art materials, music and movement in an inviting and cheerful setting. 


A Transitional Kindergarten Class

Every step a child takes is an important one to their growth and development.  Each step has a purpose and leads to something.  Madrigot means “steps”: our program is designed to be those important steps a child will take between Pre-K and Kindergarten.  It is for children that are five years old by September 1, 2022, that may need an extra year to grow and develop prior to entering Kindergarten. 

Inclusion and Special Needs

Temple Beth Tikvah’s Preschool follows an inclusion model, educating all children together.  We view every child as a capable, competent being that possesses unique strengths.  Children’s similarities and differences are celebrated and embraced by the entire school community. Our low teacher-to-child ratios allow us to help all children learn, grow and develop to the best of their individual abilities.  



Our curriculum encompasses all areas of development-social, emotional, cognitive and physical.


Confidence, independence, self-help and social skills are practiced, encouraged and modeled every day.  Children are encouraged to problem-solve, ask questions, resolve conflict and more as they maneuver through their day. 


Language Skills

We love reading!  Books and storytelling are a big part of each day.   Children are encouraged to read and make up their own stories, as well as write. 

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are very important as our children grow and develop.  We work on skills such as eye-hand coordination, grasp and grip, cutting, lacing and more each day.  We love to use a variety of materials such as sand, clay, play-dough, scissor, puzzles, writing instruments, blocks and art materials to strengthen little hands and fingers!

Gross Motor Skills

Outdoor play is a huge part of our program!  Children run, climb, side, catch and throw and more to strengthen coordination, balance and more!  We spend time each day outside on the playground where children run, climb, slide, dig, catch and throw!  When we are unable to go outside, we play in our social hall with scooters, hoops, balls, and much more!  We also love our time with our Yoga instructor. 



A child's spiritual growth is nurtured through learning values, rituals, and holidays.  By immersing themselves spiritually, children are able to connect and strengthen their Jewish identity.  We enjoy sharing Shabbat and Havdallah together as a school each week!


Music and Movement

Once a week, we have specific music time, but all week, every day, we are singing, dancing and moving to our favorite songs.  Getting our bodies moving is an integral part of a preschooler’s day.  Once a week, we center ourselves by doing yoga.  This time gives children a relaxing opportunity to get their bodies moving.

Art and Pretend Play

Open-ended art activities allow children to express themselves.  Exploration of materials and tools is encouraged.  Activities are designed to be process-oriented.  Pretend play also allows children to experiment and explore.  As chefs, teachers, moms, dads, and animals, children’s curiosities are nurtured.  
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