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Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing; by Dr. Terry Segal

You’re invited to attend a Forest Bathing experience, the perfect place to do the spiritual work of soul clearing, whether during chesbon nesfesh, the accounting of the soul prior to the High Holy Days, or at any time.

What is forest bathing? It’s not rolling around on the forest floor, but rather, an immersion in the sensory experiences of the forest. It’s a powerful venue for healing and self-reflection.

The term, forest bathing, comes from the Japanese phrase, shinrin-yoku, coined in 1982, by Tomohide Akiyama. The healing benefits of unplugging from technology and the stress of everyday life by returning to the woods, are well documented.

There’s reverence in the sanctuary of the forest. For our first excursion, I’ll facilitate a gentle experience, right around the corner from TBT at Roswell Park. (Details coming soon.) hiking is involved. Walking on a paved trail will take us to points in which we will commune with nature and I’ll offer a meditation focus at each sensory stop, followed by silent connection and brief sharing, before we move to the next one. Each forest bathing experience gives one exactly what is needed.

Combining forest bathing and Judaism, offers a unique twist on this, as we plan to offer these at the change of each season. A short teaching on the tasks of the upcoming three months on the Hebrew calendar give it a framework to take forward with you, as you deepen your connection to nature, yourself, Judaism, and Hashem.

      Dr. Terry Segal is a member of TBT, a licensed psychotherapist with a Ph.D. in Energy Medicine, an author, public speaker, and mixed-media artist.


Wed, June 19 2024 13 Sivan 5784